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Sony wants to announce updated PS4 before launch of PlayStation VR, report says

It’s been well over a week since reports came out about Sony releasing an upgraded version of its PlayStation 4. As was reported by Kotaku and Eurogamer, the new PS4, nicknamed the “PS4.5” and “PS4K,” would be capable of displaying media at 4K resolution and allow for games to generally have higher-end graphics. This news caused a lot of rumblings within the games industry, much like the news that Microsoft was considering releasing an updated version (or versions) of its Xbox One.

A new report from The Wall Street Journal says that not only is the updated PS4 real, but that it will be announced around the same time as the PlayStation VR. Having the announcement before the release of the PSVR indirectly confirms that one of the reasons Sony decided to release a 4K-capable PS4 is so that VR games can run better on the console. Compared to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which run on powerful PCs, the PSVR is the weak one of the bunch, so beefing up the PS4 would be a big step toward making it competition-ready.Sony’s new

While this report further cements that a more powerful PS4 will eventually be released, it doesn’t say anything about the possible price of this new PS4. This is speculation on my part, but considering how the PS4 is currently at $349 and may see another price drop later this year. It’s possible that the new PS4 could be priced at $400 like the PS4 originally was. We’ll know all of the details when Sony decides to make an official announcement.

Final specifications of the commercial PlayStation VR headset are unknown. The pre-production HMDs that Sony has been demonstrating to public for a while feature a 5.7” OLED panel with 1920*1080 (960*1080 per eye) resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and 100-degrees field of view.

Sony intends to ship more than 10 virtual reality titles for its headset next year. At the Tokyo Game Show the company already demonstrated 10 playable VR titles for its PlayStation VR head-mounted display. The demos included its own RIGS: Machine Combat League, a first person robot shooter, and Square Enix Holdings Co.’s Final Fantasy XIV.

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