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Registering your PC for a MITS LAN

So if you want to connect to the Monash network and internet at the LAN at the next event, you’ll need to Register your computer’s MAC Address.

While this might be a bit of pain, it’s the only way we can do it, with the network setup like it is. Registering can take up to 3 hours to reflect on Monash side, so get it done before the day!

Here’s how you can register:

In Windows

go Start -> Run -> cmd to open a command window (or Windows_key+R -> type”cmd” -> enter)
In the Command Window run

getmac /v /fo list

It should show a physical hardware address, as below. Use the one called Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection

Use the physical address of your wired Ethernet card. Remove the Hyphens/Colons and you have a valid MAC Address that you can submit.
For example: 001E8C695678 is a valid MAC address.

In Linux/OSX/*Nix

Open terminal (alt+ctrl+T), type


Find your wired network adapter (usually eth0) and find the HWAddr value.Remove the Hyphens/Colons and you have a valid MAC Address that you can submit.

For example: 000C293C7372 is a valid MAC address.

Register your computer for the Monash network.

To register your computer go to
You’ll need to authenticate that you are a Monash student in order to gain access to this page. If you aren’t a Monash student, get the Monash student who brought you along to log in for you.
Put the hardware address of your computer in the Ethernet Address field, and click the register button. In 30 minutes (to 3 hours) your computer should be able to Automatically Obtain an IP address. Then you’ll be one of the cool kids.

Please help any students who ask for assistance with this. Looking forward to having a good time with you all! Keep an eye out for posters!

Grant Visser

Student at Monash South Africa. BCIS Applications Development and Networking, and Business Systems.